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you piece it - i'll quilt it

Professional Longarm Quilter

Hello, my name is Glenna Walker and I am a professional longarmer. My quilting studio is located in my smoke-free home in Hurst, Texas. You can contact me via the email address under "Contact me at." 

I have been sewing most of my life but decided to start quilting in the 90s. I understand the amount of planning, designing, and hard work that goes into your quilt top.

I have always been around quilting - my Ma-maw was a hand quilter and she taught me the basics of sewing a straight line and the most important part of sewing - how to rip out a stitch without cutting/tearing my fabric - using a razor blade. When I was very small, I accompanied her to quilting bees where the hostess's quilt frame came down from the ceiling on a set of pulleys. Ma-maw allowed me to pull her needle through the fabric as I sat beneath the quilt frame while the ladies quilted and gossiped.

I learned to sew garments in home ec while in high school, and fell in love with it. I learned very quickly that I could sew any outfit I wanted. I sewed everything from my families' clothing to drapes to upholstering the cabin seats on a power boat (not my fav).

My passions are quilting and sewing but additional passions include listening to podcasts, reading, sailing, chocolate (must include chocolate).

Contact me at

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