Hi! I’m Glenna Walker, owner of Glenna Walker Quilts. Thanks for stopping by.

I began sewing at a young age (9th grade home economics) and focused on making my own clothes, then clothing for my two girls, and home dec furnishings. I was also fortunate to be one of those kids who got to sit under the quilt frame at the sewing bee my Mamaw attended and she taught me how to hand piece. I found my love for quilting again when the 1976 revitalization of quilting hit our country.

I am a long arm Quilter located in North Texas where my catch-phrase is “You piece ‘em, I’ll quilt ‘em.” Because my passion is quilting, not piecing.

I belong to two modern quilt guilds – Mid Cities Modern and Fort Worth Modern. I also am a member of two long arm groups where we meet to show off our work and get advice from one another.

My hobbies include reading and sewing garments (no I don’t sew garments or alterations for others, sorry). I am, therefore, also a member of the American Sewing Guild.

I’ll be sharing my long arming and hobbies on this blog and from time-to-time various and sundry other thoughts and items.