Back from being abandoned & ‘tis the season

The doll pictured here (circled) is very similar to my last baby doll.
Christmas on the brink of leaving childhood 

Christmas remembered

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone. I’m back and hopefully will not abandon you again.

I wanted to share this pic because it reminded me of my own childhood Christmas of looooong ago. The beautiful doll incircled above is like one of the last dolls I received as a little girl who still played with dolls. Isn’t she lovely?

My dad was a hard working man but made very little money so I know the cost of this fabulous present was probably out of their budget but they did it anyhow. As a mom myself, I understand the sacrifice of parents so they can see that joy in their child’s eyes on Christmas morning (or other holidays where gifts are given). 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for all the lovely Christmases we shared. I miss you so. 

What started me down this memory lane was the Christmas memories shared over on the Quilt Fiction page hosted by the award winning author, Frances O’Roark Dowell, host of the Off Kilter Quilt blog and podcast. Go check her out. 

Happy holidays to all!

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