Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild big winner

Accuquilt Go, Go big, Accuquilt dies
Lucky winner Accuquilt Go

Wow, is my luck off to a good, no, great start for 2019. I was the lucky winner to this Accuquilt Go at the first meeting of the year at my Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild last Thursday.

Although I do own a Go Big (electric) this one will be great for Sew-days. It weighs less than the Big. The dies I already own also fit the Go. Huzzah!

Longarm quilting
50s quilt top quilted on the longarm

Pictured here is the latest finished quilt-top out of a stack of tops that my neighbor has collected on her trips around Texas and surrounding states. Some are very old hand-pieced, like this one. Some are well made, others not so much. But all are well loved.

Longarm quilting
Hand-pieced quilt top from (possibly) 30s, 40s, and 50s

This is the next quilt from that same stack – going on the longarm today. Since I have already experienced some great luck, I don’t expect any problems with this little top. Uh, maybe you had better wish me luck anyhow. ❤️

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