You piece them, I’ll quilt them - longarm quilting at its finest

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About Us

My Story


I became interested in quilting during the bicentennial in the US in 1976 - it brought up memories of learning to hand-stitch at my paternal grandmother's side. I made a baby quilt or two, here and there, until the mid-2000’s when I discovered a couple quilter’s podcasts and once again quilting caught my attention. I have found though that I much prefer longarm quilting to piecing, hence the longarm was purchased - and my slogan, “you piece them, I’ll quilt them,” was born.

Custom Orders


Contact me for quotes for longarm quilting or to make a T shirt quilt

Machines and Materials


My longarm quilting machine is a HandiQuilter Fusion. I use Superior‘s Omni threads for most E2E but enjoy a pretty Isacord embroidery thread for custom quilting. Backings and battings are supplied by the customer.